No philosophy, no religion, no catch – just peace, tranquility and silence.
No philosophy, no religion, no catch – just peace, tranquility and silence.

Breaking the Silence


Awesome!  Definitely a way forward in our multi-racial, multi-spiritual world.  A Space/Place for Peace in the centre of one of the busiest cities in the world. Drop-in Silence is strategically well placed for this. Only Blessings. 

The visit to Drop-in Silence was amazing. The sense of absolute silence disconnected from the rest of world really makes you think about things in your life and helps you self reflect the image that disappears behind the busy ‘city smog’ 
Raahim Khan.

To experience complete silence in the centre of London is somewhat baffling but incredibly peaceful. A wonderful pause from hectic life to switch off and enjoy your own thoughts and feelings. 

Drop-in Silence provides a great environment for anyone who’s looking to find the time to think things through or completely clear their mind. For me, it was the latter and I left the session feeling refreshed and focused. 

[Drop-in Silence] was quite different from being silent and alone in your living room or even at the park. The space and shared silence was really calming and refreshing. I remember thinking that only somewhere like this could you be justifiably safe from distractions and demands (however deserving) that pull at you and just BE. Afterwards I went out into the buzz of the City feeling more centred, grounded, optimistic even and ready to enjoy the weekend. 
John Kemp

When I came in some half an hour after it started, the silence was electric. So powerful. Complete stillness. Even when there was a cough, or someone came in or left, the stillness remained. Lovely.