Westminster Quakers have agreed to open the Meeting House from 5.30pm till 7.00pm on Friday evenings as a way to reach out and share their unique silence in the heart of the West End with the wider community.

There has been a Quaker meeting in Westminster for over 350 years. During that time, Quakers in London have not only managed to purchase land and build a succession of Meeting Houses; they have also evolved a way of living that is centred on silence and peace.

The present building was designed specifically to bring silence into central London; it also embodies a spirit of hope for future peace, having been re-built in 1956 after the old Meeting House had been destroyed by war-time bombing.

Westminster Quaker Meeting House after wartime bombing Westminster Quaker Meeting House today

Drop-in Silence is being staffed by volunteers from Westminster Quakers and all the running costs and publicity are being paid for by donations from individual members.

Silence and peace are at the heart of Quaker life, and they want to share the benefits with others. There is no philosophy, no religion and no catch – just the chance to sit with others and experience shared silence.